If you are looking for something to enhance the thickness and length of your natural lashes without using eyelash extensions then “Lash Filler & Botox ” is your answer.

Lash Filler is an innovative treatment that was developed entirely in Italy. It is similar to lash lift procedure but using a new revolutionary Lash Filler inLei product. It is a natural treatment and is designed to target the curving and lamination of your natural lashes. Lash Filler performed with a silicon shield, called a curler, which is placed on your lashes and eyelid, lifting your lashes from the root, creating a natural lift. This treatment insures that your natural lashes will become thicker and healthier. They will also be glossier and have a more defined, uplifting curve.

Lash Botox is another natural treatment that goes hand in hand with the Lash Filler, and is designed to repair and nourish your natural lashes. Lash Botox is the most advanced lash repair and nourishment formula worldwide. This treatment will repair any damaged or broken eyelash fibers.
Here , at RJ we use “In Lei®” line. In Lei is an high quality Italian product that has passed all tests at the research center in Milan! The entire process has been created to perfect the collaboration between the products, while using natural ingredients. This product DOES NOT contain “Bromate Sodium” (this is a banned ingredient in Europe). “Triple Regeneration,” which is a unique formula, helps repair eyelash hair. It has been proven that after the third procedure your natural lashes will increase in diameter and volume up.

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